At Lisa Thomas Salon-Alcoa we highly recommend protecting your crowning glory color with Redken Professional products. Why you may ask? There are huge differences between store bought shampoos and Redken shampoos.

First, Most all store bought shampoos have wax added to them.  They do this so when you run your fingers through your wet hair it will feel slick and “conditioned”. This is a false claim that your hair is conditioned.  Plus, the wax will build up on the hair causing it to weigh down and it will literally take twice as long to dry.

Second, store bought shampoos are not concentrated. Most are made with 95% water. Redken is made with only 30% water.  More concentrated + Using less = saving more money.

Third, many store brands have a high ph level in them.  All Redken’s shampoos are at 4.5-5.5 on the ph scale.  This causes to cuticle to stay closed therefore your color will stay in longer.   Plus, keeping it closed will help prevent split ends.  In my own clinical testing of 20 different store products show that the majority of these products are 6, 7 and even 8 on the ph scale. Perms are 8ph.  So when you shampoo with some of these it is like putting perm solution on your head.  So why would they do that? One word, Volume. Just as Body waves add volume to the hair so will damaging it with improper shampoos.  Yes, there is such thing as Shampoo damage.

Lastly, by purchasing Redken products at Lisa Thomas Salon you are supporting small business.

Happy Shampooing!!!

Wax buildup on hair under a microscope.  Bleh!

Wax buildup on hair under a microscope. Bleh!


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