Flat irons are an amazing multi-use tool. They can cause a great deal of damage if not used properly. 

First, let’s talk about the iron itself. Not all flat irons are make the same. Store bought irons do not have the layers of protection on the plates. Professional and higher priced irons are well worth the money. Not only  do they work better, they are nor as damaging due to the layer and layers of ionic tourmaline on the plates. I try to keep great flat irons in stock in the salon. Ask me about them.

Second, products are very important. A good leave-in protectant such as Redken Antisnap, Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer, or Heat Design 09. After the hair is dry, another application of Redken’s Iron Shape or Shine Flash is sprayed on the dry hair before the iron is used. This combination is the best security against damage.

Lastly, an important tip: Do not squeeze the flat iron too tight. Just close it together softly. Holding the iron too tight on the hair causes damage. Keep the iron moving. Do not stop. Happy ironing.