Many stylists express their rants and complaints on a private facebook page that I am a member of. A lot of these issues our clients have never been made aware of. How would you know if you have committed one of these without knowing what they are. Well, here I am to help.

*Note, these may or may not apply to me. ?

  1. Running late. Most stylists run a tight schedule. Being even 10 min late can throw off the entire day. The rest of the day they will be 10 min behind, which is the reason you sometimes have to wait past your scheduled time for your stylist to start. If you see you are running late, call or text them. They may be able to make an adjustment or you my have to reschedule.
  2. Waiting until a few days later to say you are unhappy. When the stylist is finished, speak up. They can correct it the or schedule you to come back for correction. Our job is to make you happy.
  3. Hoodies! They cringe when you walk in with one on. They hide your neck so they cannot get to your neck or for longer hair, it inhibits the elevation to get it even. If you wear one and refuse to take it off expect your head to get wet at the shampoo bowl. It tis physically impossible not to wet the hood. Same goes for turtle necks and high collar jackets.
  4. Waiting to go the the bathroom until they say that are ready for you. This one really grates on their nerves. You have been sitting there waiting, which is a great time to go. NOT after they say they are ready for you. *see #1
  5. Men with dirty hair. Men usually do not want a shampoo before their haircut. Sometimes they like to after to remove all the loose hairs. It helps TREMENDOUSLY for you to come in with clean hair. Greasy hair does not show the true pattern and curl. These are important things know for the cut.

More to come in a future post.